Who is Academy Academy, founded in 2014, is Australia’s leading educational provider of bespoke online and offline training solutions and industry-recognized programs. Since its inception, Academy has been delivering training and mentoring services to those in the Oil & Gas industry both domestically and internationally; most notably for work carried out in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, India and the Middle East. 

In addition to various training provisions and initiatives within the Oil & Gas sector, Academy was also contracted to provide recruitment services for several onshore drilling operations. A bi-product of which was ensuring that newly recruited employees were adequately trained and proficient in their particular skill sets. Alas, Academy was born.

Initially, training was privately carried out on a contract basis (2014 – 2016); this was highly specialised and bespoke training which had no categorised accreditation given its niche market. Working alongside these major Oil & Gas operators whilst providing crucial training to key business stakeholders ranging from Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Drillers allowed Academy to further expand its operational scope. This resulted in the development of an Oil & Gas well control training centre, allowing Academy to deliver accredited IADC and IWCF training across the Surat Basin in Toowoomba, Queensland. 

In November 2016, Academy (then called TecSkill) was formally registered as an accredited training provider, approved by both an independent and federal regulator. 

Fast forward to 2019, Academy is now a fully licensed and Registered Training Organisation focused on delivering nationally accredited programs across Australia (Provider Licence 45055). In full capacity, we deliver a number of nationally recognised programs in health & safety, project management, leadership training, and construction management whilst also continuing to cater to those in the Oil & Gas sector.

“In the past few years, we have helped thousands of tradies, working professionals and business owners to develop their careers and improve business outcomes.” 
– Lawrence Mackey, CEO

Nationally accredited training and certifications with Academy can help you reach your business and career objectives by fostering credibility, instilling stakeholder confidence, increasing revenue and personal earnings, improving retention and driving staff productivity.

Our Management Team

Lawrence (CEO & Strategic Partnerships)

Lawrence started his career as a blue-collar worker within the Residential Building, Farming and Agricultural industry. Digging ditches and other labour intensive work taught Lawrence the value of time, hard work and sheer perseverance, valuable skills to learn. As a result, Lawrence applies a hands-on approach when it comes to business and veraciously believes in thinking out of the box, to stand out by doing things differently and achieving the desired outcomes, whatever it may be.

In his early 20’s, an opportunity presented itself within the Oil & Gas sector; and Lawrence quickly moved up the ranks to a leadership position – Derrickman. During this 5 year period, Lawrence got to experience working in a operational management capacity, leading several large-scale projects and deployment schedules. 

From there Lawrence noticed a gap within the market and dove straight into building what would eventually become Academy today. What started off as a contract recruitment business primarily servicing the Construction, Oil & Gas sector; which operated out of a shared working space in a friend’s office quickly grew into Academy today as the scope of the business continually evolved. In addition to being able to source technically skilled workers for operations across Australia and internationally, Lawrence further expanded the business to cater to various residential, commercial and civil building and construction projects.

Lawrence is now founder and CEO of Academy, chairman and non-executive Director of an international college, Alumni Member of Queensland Leaders Group and a non-executive member of 3 current operational Australian companies in media, human capital management and education.

Robbie (GM, Head Trainer & Assessor, Operations)

Robbie has 25+ years of experience in the Building & Construction sector, including project management positions in various open class projects across multi-million dollar commercial buildings in Australia and back home in Ireland. Robbie is a high performing and experienced project manager with a proven capacity of dealing with 100+ size teams and comes with over 10 years of industry-specific experience within the vocational training & educational environment.

Robbie positions as Senior Project Manager, Safety Manager, Director, and Shareholder of an existing construction company as well as a non-executive Director of a construction recruitment business.

Robbie’s a straight shooter and lives by the motto of getting things done the right way, the first time, every time. A good philosophy!

Linda (Compliance Manager, Policy & Systems)

Linda has 10+ years in RTO management, Operations, and Administration. Linda has previously held positions as Director, General Manager and Compliance Officer – a true veteran leader with a proven capacity of managing large teams of 40+ personnel.
Degree qualified in business and management with over 10 years of experience managing legislative compliance with the Australian Skills and Quality Authority as well as the Department of Education & Training, Linda excels in contract coordination and managerial audits.

Linda is incredibly focused and an absolute perfectionist when it comes to attention to detail and getting things done.

Glenn (Operations/Industry Expert)

Glenn has 20+ years in the commercial construction sector as a certified Architect in both Australia and Asia. In a previous capacity, Glenn was a Senior Architect for Leigh & Orange Architects and Belt Collins International, working on numerous large-scale construction projects in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Australia.

Degree qualified in Architecture, Glenn also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Manchester Business School. Glenn is highly proficient in construction methodologies, landscape design, urban planning, commercial/residential development, and project management with experience in leading construction and architectural teams alike.

Ben (Head Oil & Gas and Well Servicing Trainer & Assessor)

Ben is the resident Petroleum Engineer and Oil & Gas Lead Trainer/Assessor at Academy. In addition to having worked for some of the largest Oil & Gas companies on the planet including the likes of Schlumberger, Saipem, and Aramco, Ben also co-founded the Australian Well Control Centre in Australia and is a certified IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors) and IWCF (International Well Control Forum) instructor.

Degree certified in both Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, Ben is highly experienced in risk management strategies, high-level technical knowledge, and hands-on operational knowledge.

Mark (Technical, Marketing & Innovation)

Mark has 10+ years in Marketing, Telecommunications and Information Technology. Incredibly well versed in executing IT rollouts, Mark also excels in website design, network, and system administration. Mark is also the person responsible for building the back-end systems, including CRM development, coding, algorithm-based workflows and framework for Academy.

Mark is a ‘young-gun’ with a tenacity for adapting quickly and getting things done.

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