Diploma of Work Health and Safety

Who should enrol in this RPL program?

This program is designed for individuals who have substantial knowledge and well-developed skills in a variety of WHS contexts. This would apply to many different industries including transportation and logistics, building and construction, mining, oil and gas, renewables, energy, civil construction, service industry, defence forces, health and manufacturing.

Are there licenced outcomes to this program?

No, however there are many benefits linked to holding this qualification. For instance:

  • Increase your scope of employment – work health and safety knowledge is used in management and human resources, and can be transferred to any industry where health and safety is important
  • Have your current skills and knowledge formally recognised, creating confidence to clients and customers
  • The program is nationally recognised across all Australian states and territories
  • This program delivers positive pathways into other specialised areas of work health and safety management
  • This qualification will compliment other management qualifications, endorsing you for multiple management skills in the workplace
  • Add this qualification to your business cards, letterhead, marketing material and website
  • Increase your income
  • Credibility for yourself and your business
  • Create confidence
  • Increase your employment potential (add it to your resume)

Please note, Techskill do not issue licences nor are affiliated with any state licensing issuing authority. Please contact your local state building authority for licensing enquiries.

What career outcomes are available with this program?

Upon successful completion of this program the following career options are available to you:

  • Safety Advisor
  • Safety Director
  • Safety Engineer
  • Safety Inspector
  • Safety Officer
  • Safety Technician
  • Work Health and Safety Controller
  • Compliance Investigator
  • Corporate Safety Director
  • Director of Safety and Wellness
  • Environment Protection Specialist
  • Environment, Health and Safety Manager
  • Environmental Health and Safety Delivery Specialist
  • Environmental Health and Safety Engineer
  • Environmental Health and Safety Manager
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Environmental Protection Specialist
  • Environmental Quality Analyst
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Ergonomist
  • Field Safety Officer
  • Food Safety Auditor
  • Food Safety Officer
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Health Inspector
  • Health Surveyor
  • Industrial Hygiene/Safety Engineer
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Infection Control Practitioner
  • Injury/Safety Hazard Assessment
  • Primary Products Inspector

How is the program delivered?

This is an RPL program which seeks to recognise an individual’s existing skills and knowledge within the building and construction industry.

Each student must complete a self-assessment form. This is followed by an on-boarding call with the RPL assessor. During this call, the assessor will compile the RPL evidence list and email this to the student. The student must submit their evidence to the assessor for review.

RPL evidence can be submitted by email, through messaging, in-person or in hard copy format.


Intake for this program is monthly.

Program units

Our RPL program is made up of the following 9 units:

  • BSBWHS502 Manage effective WHS consultation and participation processes
  • BSBWHS503 Contribute to the systematic management of WHS risk
  • BSBWHS504 Manage WHS risks
  • BSBWHS505 Investigate WHS incidents
  • BSBWHS506 Contribute to developing, implementing and maintaining WHS management systems
  • BSBWHS507 Contribute to managing WHS information systems
  • BSBWHS508 Manage WHS hazards associated with plant
  • BSBWHS509 Facilitate the development and use of risk-management tools
  • BSBWHS510 Contribute to implementing emergency procedures

Program requirements

Each student must have access to the following items to undertake and successfully complete the requirements of this RPL program:

  • Access to a computer or laptop
  • Access to stable internet connection (minimum 3mpbs upload and download speed – this can be checked by using
  • Access to an email account
  • Access to a phone
  • Access to Microsoft Office Suite version 2013 or later

Program duration

Each student will receive 90 days to successfully complete this RPL program.
This is broken into 3 steps;

  1. Each student is given up to 10 calendar days to gather and submit their RPL evidence once the evidence list has been sent. The assessor has up to 20 calendar days to review the evidence and email the RPL outcome to the student. This is a total of 30 days in the first instance.
  2. If evidence gaps are identified in the student’s first submission, the student will have the opportunity to address the missing evidence and submit the documents to the assessor. Once again, the student will receive up to 10 calendar days to submit their evidence and the assessor will communicate the RPL outcome to the candidate within 20 calendar days. This is a total of 60 days in the second instance.
  3. After the second attempt, if the student is unable to achieve full RPL for one or more units in the qualification, the assessor will compose a gap assessment plan for the student. This plan will be developed and targeted for completion within 30 days. The program has now reached the 90-day completion target.

If additional time is required, please refer to the Student Handbook on how to apply for an extension including the extension fees.

The RPL assessment process

Each student must have an on-boarding conversation with the assessor about their work history and their ability to access specific RPL evidence. After the onboarding call, the assessor will email the evidence list to the student. Once this has occurred, the student must adhere to the timelines regarding evidence collection.

The program duration will vary for each student depending on the number of units approved through the RPL process and the gaps identified by the assessor.

Click the below link to access our full RPL assessment process detailed in our student handbook.

Access it here. 

How will the assessor review my RPL evidence?

To have skills formally recognised the assessor must ensure the candidate’s knowledge, skills and supporting evidence address all of the requirements of the unit of competency, qualification and training package rules. In addition, the assessor will also determine any gaps in the candidate’s knowledge.

Once we have received your RPL evidence, the assessor will review your evidence against the unit criteria and determine whether competency has been achieved to the standard expected in the workplace and by the training package.

What if there are gaps in my RPL evidence?

Techskill will develop a gap assessment plan with the student. This might include collecting evidence through

  • Video recordings or;
  • On-site observation by the assessor

Cost and payment options

Techskill offers 3 ways to make payment for your program.

Option 1:
A 30% deposit is required to secure the student’s place in the program with the balance paid upon completion (master card, visa, invoice)

Option 2:
Flexible pay as go options;

  • balance can be across 30-60-90 days via direct debit using Ezidebit payment system.
  • Or a personalised arrangement can be discussed with your consultant.

Option 3:
The student can ‘opt’ to apply for a study loan. This requires the completion of an application form for approval to secure the study loan.

Corporate discounts are available for group enrolments and corporate clients. A 10 % discount is available for all previous Techskill students.

When will I receive my certificate?

Once a student has successfully satisfied the assessment requirements for all units within the program, the student will receive their certificate and record of results (given all course fees have been received by Techskill).

Support Services

Each student will receive access to the following support staff during their current enrolment period:

Techskill will conduct regular follow-ups to ensure the student is progressing with their evidence compilation.

If the student’s needs are beyond the expertise of Techskill staff, the student will be referred to the appropriate external body.

For more information about our policies and procedures, please click on the link
Please contact Techskill on (07) 3310 8756 or by email [email protected] if you have any other questions about the program or payment terms.

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