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Program overview

Gain a sophisticated understanding of the methods and techniques you’ll need to advance your career and business to the next level. The Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) is currently one of the most in-demand accreditations and skillsets in the country and for a good reason!
This nationally accredited qualification is designed for those seeking to learn how to effectively manage project scope, undertake quality control, co-ordinate teams, lead teams, address project risks, undertake professional development, engage with stakeholders, manage work schedules, administer high-level communication skills, and procure key project resources. 

The Diploma of Project Management BSB51415 is relevant in today’s project management standards and reflects the skills and knowledge you will need to be a successful Project Manager.

“Through the delivery of accredited training we have helped thousands of working professionals and business owners develop their careers and improve business outcomes”

Available Study Methods





We offer this via the above study methods with a focus on tailoring programs and delivery modes to suit your current schedule and learning style.
If you have 3+ years of experience within a project management role or are in a management/leadership based role you may be eligible for skills recognition. This means we will recognise your current experience. 

You will also have the option to study 100% online. The standard course is conducted over a 12-month period; within a self-paced online learning environment.
We offer tailored solutions in conjunction with all our of our study methods to ensure all students have the best opportunity for success. Tailored solutions will be discussed with you when you speak to a member of our team.

What are the
benefits of RPL?

  • The RPL process can eliminate the need to undertake formal study and assessment if you already possess the required skills and knowledge
  • The RPL process can allow you to have your skills and knowledge formalised in the form of a nationally recognised certificate or statement of attainment.
  • This is valuable in the workplace and marketplace, as evidence of having attained a certain level of skill and knowledge
  • The RPL process is a highly time-efficient process and is suited to busy and time-poor people
  • The RPL program and process is conducted remotely without the need to attend formal classroom training or any online training

What are the benefits of online?

  • Work in the comfort and safety of your own home. Have the flexibility to have your education meet the needs of your lifestyle
  • Online study is self-paced which allows you to work in with other commitments including family, kids, and work
  • Reduce the need to travel to class and use that time more efficiently. Online  education will be the future as it provides seamless mobility. All you need is an internet connection, and a device.
  • Cost-effective. Now we move into an era of e-Learning. Traditional formats are becoming obsolete. Eliminate the costs, books, tools and equipment and more importantly, time. Online training is the most cost-effective way to learn, develop and improve

Units of Competency

The BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management requires the completion of 12 units comprising of 8 core units and 4 electives.

These units of competency have been developed in consultation with industry experts along with our facilitators who draw upon real-life case studies and examples to ensure the knowledge you gain is practical and applicable to your role.

Why are nationally
accredited qualifications important?

Completion of an accredited program means your certificate will be recognised under the government’s National Vocational Education and Training Framework

Your certificate will be recognised by other accredited organisations such as government, universities, TAFE and large corporate employers

Depending on what certificate you complete your nationally accredited certificate may have mandatory career outcomes attached to state and federal legislation. Something non-accredited courses do not have

National accredited qualifications are delivered to a national framework created by government and industry experts reinforcing industry credibility and consistency of learning

Registered Training Organisations are audited consistently by the federal regulator to maintain consistent and compliant delivery to customers

Nationally accredited qualifications will be recognised by other institutions for students to apply for credits for future education

Increase your value to potential employers knowing your education has been delivered to a high standard and qualified framework

Create trust and confidence to customers, clients, and employers

Student Testimonials

Career Benefits

Potential career pathways after completing the Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) include roles such as; Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Project Administrator, Contracts Coordinator, Team Leader/Supervisor, Foreman, Senior Manager, etc. 

Successful graduation will allow you to gain access to multiple career opportunities in the market. Project Management skills are highly sought after in today’s vertical project-driven world. Project-based work is found in all key industry sectors including Defence, Government, Civil, Construction, Mining, Information & Technology, and Health just to name a few.
Our experience in the market shows us that the Diploma of Project Management (BSB51415) is one of the leading recognised qualifications in Australia and internationally. With thousands of employment opportunities advertised across Australian and international job boards prove that Project Management is one of the most sought-after career opportunities
and one of the top earners in a variety of markets.

Our research shows us some of the estimated average earnings below:

Project Managers earn on average – $130,000 per year.
Contract Project Managers earn on average – $144,000 per year.
Contract Managers earn on average – $100,400 per year.
Mid Management Project Managers earn on average – $96,300 per year.


Whats next?

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