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A message from our CEO.

“In light of the recent developments and uncertainty we’re all facing surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), my mindset pivots to “What can we do to help?”


Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison released his first initial small business stimulus package and said; “whatever you do, keep going to work, keep hiring new staff, keep operating your business.”

This is how we get through this, this is how we bounce back when we move past this. But for some, there have already been unfortunate stories followed by unfortunate outcomes.


We employ a range of staff both permanent and contract and we engage and use many third-party suppliers. All of these people rely on businesses like ours to operate successfully so they too can employ people and contribute to the economy and provide income for their employee’s families. This is the business and economic life cycle.


We’ve all heard stories of people losing their jobs, small businesses closing their doors. I think about the families that will be affected. Heartbreaking, absolutely. Then, I think f**k this. Let’s get laser-focused, let’s brainstorm, let’s whiteboard, let’s work hard and push through this. Let’s keep employing staff, let’s find out how we can help and let’s focus on contribution.”

– L H Mackey. CEO.

“What can we do to help?”

If you find yourself affected by the Coronavirus, we want to see if we can help. If you are in a position of self-isolation, if you have unfortunately lost your employment and perhaps you are now looking to re-skill, up-skill to seek new opportunities we would like to help.

There are still vertical positive markets that are employing and will be into the foreseeable future. Perhaps this situation is forcing you to reconsider other career options or learn new skills to open up new potential opportunities.

We have seen an increase in people wanting to take advantage and re-train themselves online. So here’s what we can do to help. We are now offering for all online programs:

Opportunities for Employees

Opportunities for Business Owners

“Through the delivery of accredited training we have helped thousands of working professionals and business owners develop their careers and improve business outcomes”

We hope these offers have value to those affected by Coronavirus.

One thing we know all know is that education is a pathway to real outcomes.

If you are in a position to re-educate, learn new skills we hope we can help.

If you or anyone you know has lost their employment due to COVID-19 and looking to study from home to gain a new qualification and re-train please share this page with them by clicking one of the icons below or book a call directly into our calendar.

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