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Limited Places Are Open In Our Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (BSB41415) Program

Your New Career in Work Health and Safety
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Working in any trade can be dangerous. Walk on to any job site and you’ll understand why. As a Work Health and Safety (WHS) officer you help keep your mates safe on the job with the potential to earn more than $100k per year.

Teckskill.io Academy has distilled the Cert IV Work Health and Safety course into 10 online modules. Each module is designed with your success in mind with on-call student advisors ready to help out. In the past few years our Academy has helped thousands of tradies take the next step in their careers from the convenience of their laptops or smartphones.

Designed by experts in the field, our WHS courses include study guides, real world case studies, and project templates to help you earn the Cert IV Work Health and Safety quickly and efficiently from anywhere, at any time. All you need is an Internet connection. We’ve already done the heavy lifting so you can be job ready.

And the best part is: We charge less than half of the going rate to earn this Nationally Accredited certification.

The Benefits Of Gaining A Nationally Accredited Work Health and Safety Qualification 

Work Health and Safety is a national priority. The Australian government and businesses want to stop OTJ injuries which are costing industries billions of dollars a year in lost productivity and unfortunately the lives of too many workers. Your new role is a front line position to help achieve this national priority for safe workplaces.

There is a growing demand throughout Australia for Work Health and Safety Officers particularly in the trades. With the Cert IV Work Health and Safety in your back pocket, you have a passport to a new career which will allow you to move anywhere in Australia to practice your new skill in a wide variety of industries such as Oil and Gas, Building and Construction, Logistics, Health and Government.

If you are thinking, “That’s just not me,” here are some Points to Consider

Whatever your current situation….

Whether it’s operating heavy equipment at a mine site, or gas fitting on an offshore drilling rig off Western Australia, or working as a brickie at a major construction site in Queensland, your new skills will open up a new world of possibilities for you and prepare you for management roles down the track.

Are you feeling trapped behind a desk?

Or, maybe you are between jobs or looking to shift your role in a new industry. Once you earn this certification, there are hundreds of jobs in Australia that  need your skills. Not only will you be entering a high-demand profession, but you can also transfer that knowledge to other industries where workplace safety is a key priority

Even if you’re..

a desk jockey stuck behind a computer and you are looking for an opportunity to move into a new growth industry, Techskill.io Academy is the place to start with the Cert IV in Work Health and Safety. It is a small investment to make in your future.

Why get started now?: Over 5,000 Open Career Opportunities Advertised Every Month

It’s really a simple decision. The jobs are out there, hundreds of them both full and part-time. Check out any online job site and you will quickly find health and safety roles you can apply to after taking this first step with the Techskill.io Academy. Nationally accredited course. One popular online job site, for example, advertised more than 150 WHS jobs on a single day.

How it all works

Once you’re enroled you’ll be booked in for a 30-45 minute call with one of our experienced trainer and assessors. During this call, you will discuss how this program will be tailored to suit your individual schedule. You will be granted access to all of the learning resources and materials at Techskill.io Academy’s disposal, as well as your usernames and passwords for our easy to use online learning management system. Your assessor will provide you will all the instructional know-how on how to complete your online units. 

Our Student Support team will be here to support you through the process. If you get stuck at any point or just have a question, we are here to help.  

When you successfully complete all of your units our assessor will make contact with you to congratulate you and organise for your certificate to be awarded. 

Here's What Techskill.io Academy Graduates Have to Say

Get Started Today with the Techskill.io Academy Monthly Subscription Service

If you’re strapped for cash with the holidays coming up, don’t worry.  We are currently offering you the opportunity to start the Cert IV program for less than the cost of most monthly mobile phone bills.

Just click on the Course Deposit button and fill in the form, and for $125 you can start your Work Health and Safety certification course with our pay-by-the-month plan.  We accept all major credit cards.

So start the New Year by gifting yourself a new career. 

Not Sure About the Investment? Book a Discovery Call and get a the answers to your questions.

If you’re just not sure if investing in this online course is right for you and you have questions, we can answer them. Just click on the “Book A Call” button at the bottom of this website and our staff will guide you through your questions at no charge. This 20-minute Discover Call will help you make the right decision by discussing your career goals and letting you know the specifics about what you can expect by taking this course. It’s a free call, so make it today and take the first big step toward your new career as a Work Safety and Health officer.

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