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Why Study from home?

In light of the recent developments and uncertainty we’re all facing surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) we see a push with people now studying from home to meet federal government legislation attached to social distancing.

If you find yourself affected by the Coronavirus, we want to see if we can help. If you are in a position of self-isolation and want to use this time wisely, or if you have unfortunately lost your employment and are now looking to re-skill, up-skill we offer a range of accredited programs to help you get you prepared for the future and seek new opportunities.

“Through the delivery of accredited training we have helped thousands of working professionals and business owners develop their careers and improve business outcomes”

Opportunities for Employees

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What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process of recognising that you may be highly skilled and possess experience in a specific area or industry. If so you may be eligible to enter one of our RPL programs, regardless of how, when or where the learning has occurred. You can apply for one or more units through the RPL process, including the entire qualification.

You may have developed your competence through the following ways:

What are the
benefits of RPL?

  • The RPL process can eliminate the need to undertake formal study and assessment if you already possess the required skills and knowledge
  • The RPL process can allow you to have your skills and knowledge formalised in the form of a nationally recognised certificate or statement of attainment.
  • This is valuable in the workplace and marketplace, as evidence of having attained a certain level of skill and knowledge
  • The RPL process is a highly time-efficient process and is suited to busy and time-poor people
  • The RPL program and process is conducted remotely without the need to attend formal classroom training or any online training

How long does
RPL Take?

Our RPL program and process is completely tailored to you. This means we try and slot into your schedule and make the program work for you. However, it is an accredited process, so in most cases, the program is rolled out across the following durations.

            Round 1. 30 Days.

            Round 2. 30 Days.

            Round 3. 30 Days.

So, this is a total of 90 days. However, you may be successful in completing the program across any of the above rounds. You will also have the option to extend your program in round 3 if required and have access to do online study if you wish. We call this blended learning.


The RPL Process explained

  1. Undergo an initial no-obligation 10 min consult over the phone with one of our industry consultants. We want to see how many years of experience you have and in what industries and of course provide you with all the right information. This will also help us determine what qualification is best suited to you if you don’t already have a specific program in mind.
  2. We will conduct a no obligation preliminary assessment over the phone (15 mins). This will help us determine how long the process will take, what credits you are eligible to receive and what it will cost.
  3. You will then be booked in for your official on-boarding call (30 mins) with your assigned assessor. This is where all the magic happens. This is where we dig deep regarding your skills and experience. We will work with you and ask you to provide a set of documents (evidence) that we use to validate your experience. This is tailored to you specifically. On this call, your assessor will complete a synopsis of your experience in alignment with the qualification.

    Evidence may include things like email feeds, employment contracts, business contracts, meeting minutes, certificates, tickets and licences, photos, videos, resume, online profiles, etc. Remember this is tailored to you and we will not ask for evidence you do not have.

  4. We will ask you to provide a minimum of two (2) referees who can validate your skills and experience. Such as a previous employer, business partner, manager or other relevant contact.
  5. You are provided X amount of time to get these documents/evidence back to us. We will send you a secure link to upload everything to us or you can email, SMS and post. Whatever works best.
  6. Once received we get to work. We will have one of our assessors review your documents/evidence and create a synopsis aligning this to the units/subjects in the program. This is a detailed process so allow about 20 days for us to complete it. If your situation is urgent you will have the opportunity to request an urgent application which will be considered on a case by case basis.

> Once round 1 (30 days) is complete we will be in contact. At this time, we will have the option to progress to another round and go through the same process again or we may reach a successful outcome in round 1. If we don’t, we have 2 more rounds in total to use as we work with you to close out the program in its entirety.

> Once this is done across round 1, 2 or 3 you will be notified, and we move towards issuance of your accredited certificate and square things away.

> Now your all set to get on with things and start using your accredited certificate to apply for that new job, get that promotion or grow your business.

RPL is the most efficient and fast-track accredited process to get qualified.

What does it cost?

At stage 2 (above) we will conduct a no-obligation preliminary assessment which will help us determine:

• What program works best for you

• What credits you may be eligible for

• How long it will take

• And what it will cost

We do offer incentive-based pricing so speak to us about that. We offer interest free finance options with low monthly affordable plans and flexible Ezi-debit payment terms to suit your circumstance and budget.

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One thing we know all know is that education is a pathway to real outcomes.

These are unprecedented and challenging times for us all. If you find yourself in a position where you need to become recognised for your current skills, re-educate, learn new skills, cross skill or are at home with available time. Consider getting prepared for the future. Contact us for a no obligation chat and let’s see what we can achieve. 

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